The moment is what MVP is all about.  Living it and capturing it so that we can celebrate it.  

Music, Video, Photo, & More


We offer three distinct entertainment experiences ranging from  $1,000 – $2,500

  • The Dj is your complete party experience. You will be taken through the full roller coaster ride of hits and mixes that will charge up any event.
  • The Entertainer is your personally designed entertainment experience that goes over and above the stereotypical DJ.
  • The Dj Emcee Duo is what we are known for and that is creating the ultimate entertainment experience on your wedding day. When it comes to your love story; we are the architects in your Cinderella story. We guide you and your guests through a night of memories that will last a lifetime


We offer four different videos ranging from  $1,000 – $4,500

  • The Trailer film is designed to tell your love story before marriage. It’s the ultimate teaser of what’s to come as you dream of your life together.
  • The Music Video is designed to capture your day set to music.
  • The Feature Film is a documentary style including audio recordings of dialogs & speeches.
  • The Blockbuster is a cinematic appeal and approach when telling the ultimate love story.


We offer four different photography services ranging from  $300 – $2,500

  • The Engagement Photo Shoot it’s time to make out some more and share your love to the world for saying “I Do!”
  • The Wedding Day Photographer is a documentary style of photography as a mixture of candid + traditional shots!
  • The Wedding Duo Photography is a multi camera documentary style of photography as a mixture of candid + traditional shots!


All top tier services in each category!  $8,000 – $10,000

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